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The Naked Cake

So a big sorry for not posting much this week. There have been a few 5am baking starts which have kicked my tuchas! I would also like to say for those who say it getting lighter out in the mornings…I just don’t see it! It’s still pretty dark at 5am. Enough about that now on to the naked cake!

“It’s what’s on the inside that counts” certainly applies to the naked cake. No getting embarrassed or blushing at the sound of this dessert. Bella’s promises this is one aspect of your wedding day where it’s totally acceptable to be frosting-less (in the buff).

Here at Bella’s Cakes we love naked cakes not only because some are filled with Bella’s all time favorite buttercream frosting but they are unique in that instead of frosting the outside with layers of fondant the layers between are filled with buttercream and other fillings such as lemon, strawberry, and salted caramel. The sponge can also be different flavors and not just vanilla, they can be chocolate, carrot cake, and even bakewell.

Whether you’re just not a fan of sweet frosting or love the rustic vibe of these bare cakes, the naked cake is a great option that allows you to have a modern wedding cake that still has a beautiful classic finish. And with just as many ways to customise these cakes as a fully frosted wedding cake, you can achieve a custom look that reflects your wedding’s style.

Here is a little Q&A for you all as well. If you have any further question though please feel free to contact me at

What is a naked cake? A naked cake is a style of cake where the layers are left un-frosted. Most naked cakes are finished with fresh flowers and fruit. But can also be finished with other edibles such as meringues, candy, syrups, and sprinkles. It really all comes down to how you would like your cake to be dressed. And what the cake is for a wedding, birthday, or a treat for home.

How to dress your naked cake? Naked cakes can be elaborate or very simple, it really comes down to what you see for you cake and how you would like it to reflect your event. With fresh flowers and fruit you can match these to the season or to the flowers you have on your wedding day.

Can you have different flavors of cake for each tier? Yes you can. Each tier might vary in colour depending on the flavor of cake. But this can then add to the final look of the cake which only then adds to the lovely rustic look of the cake.

Do the naked cakes have to be completely unfrosted? Nope! A naked cake can be as rustic as you would like with as little or more buttercream as you would like. In some of my cake consultations lately I have been asked to put a light icing finish on the outside of the sponge or a crumb coat which is the base coat of icing on a cake. This will give the cake a smooth finished look with some of the cake being covered and then some of the sponge coming though.

Do naked cakes stay fresh? Yep! Because of the style of the cake naked cakes are baked the day before the event date and are assembled the morning of your event. At Bella’s we take all possible measures to make sure that the sponges stay at their best for as long as possible.