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Dessert table Awesome-ness!

Hope everyone has had a great weekend!

This week’s blog post is all about the dessert table and how awesome they are!

Here at Bella’s I (Sydney) work with couples to create the perfect dessert tables for there after meal dessert or for the evening receptions. There are many items that you can have on your dessert table so at Bella’s all dessert tables are customised to order. Here are some images of dessert tables as well as some ideas for putting together an Awesome dessert table for your wedding day or any celebration!

  • You’re wedding day dessert table is all about celebrating your love so go ahead and show case this in your dessert table. Pick your favourite treats. Keeping your love for each other and sweets in mind.

1bars 2table 3teacakes

  • Dessert tables don’t need to just be tray bakes and cupcakes. Here at Bella’s we can also make doughnuts, cake truffles, mini pies, and chocolate mustache lollipops. Have this fun and a bit different dessert makes the table even more whimsical and fun to have. The different heights and textures incorporated also help with the creativity of the table too.


  • Say you can’t decide on a cake flavour? Why not have a cutting cake and smaller cakes around this to cut into too! Here at Bella’s we can also make all our cakes into cupcakes!


  • We also make handy place cards for your dessert table so everyone will know what flavour of cake they will be trying too!


  • If your wedding has a unique colour palette, then carry it into your desserts table. Like Bella’s did here for Bryonie and Andy’s wedding dessert table. This was done here with gold on the chocolate naked cake, cake topper, and gold cake pops!


  • Say you want a dessert table for a birthday party or another celebration! This can be done. Bella’s can mix candy, mini cakes, and a birthday cake all together to create a fun and delicious centrepiece for any type of party.


(Baby shower dessert table!)

  • Do you need gluten free or vegan friendly cakes too for your dessert table? We can do this! At Bella’s we have a menu of vegan and gluten free cakes that is ever involving. And we believe wholeheartedly that everyone at a party should get to eat cake!

 “A Party without cake is just a meeting”

Julia Child <3


(Vegan rose cake)