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Gluten free Cupcakes (Please ask for favours options)

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(Vegan birthday cake with edible flowers) 

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*Gluten free protein brownie review from EST-Fitness

Take a look at this delightful cake. Not just any cake. It’s a brownie. Not just any brownie, but a protein brownie, made by Bella’s Cakes. This is my second time having these brownies as the first encounter was so memorable I had to order a new batch from Sydney, owner of Bella’s Cakes. What intrigues me most is that Sydney is a member of the gym I work at and she is also a baker! A baker with a mind for healthy living. These brownies are low fat, low carb and high in protein. They are also gluten-free as well making it widely appreciated by many more people. I really like the texture of these brownies. They are not like the conventional brownies you get from the shops where after you bite into it the centre is sticky and stays on your teeth for a while. For these brownies after you bite through the crispy top layer you will get into the softer centre where you can taste the cocoa elements but it is not overly sweet. It certainly does not leave a sticky after-taste. Best of all, you know it was made with your best intentions in mind!