Holiday Menu

“I Love Latkes” – Bella’s Hanukkah cake! – choice of sponge and festive decoration.

6″ Sponge – £25.00
8″ Sponge – £35.00

Christmas cake – choice of sponge and festive decoration

6″ Sponge – £25.00
8″ Sponge – £35.00

Rugelach – come in sets of 12 – mini pastry cookies filled with cinnamon and walnuts – £10.00

Babka – Sweet yeast cake – Nutella chocolate chip or cinnamon raisin – £10.00

Festive Desserts Platers

35 pc – £45.00

72 pc – £65.00

3 types of mini cupcakes


mini mince pies

fruit cake slice.

  • Both Bella’s “I love Latkes” Cake and Christmas themed cakes can be made Gluten free or vegan. Dessert platers can also be made with vegan and gluten free cake options.
  • Orders must be placed by the 11th of December. This year Bella’s will only be filling holiday orders up to the 18th of December as this year we are celebrating Christmas and New Year in the US with family!